CDC Cloud Co,Ltd.

Inbound Design Division

Inbound Design Division

Provides tourism opportunities, mostly for Asian visitors, for Japanese real estate, medicine, and esthetics.


Acting as advisors for top-class architects and cooperating with real estates, we specialize in the support of design, construction, contract mediation, and rental management for lodges and time-shares in local Japanese cities for mostly Chinese customers. We specialize in assisting foreign customers to find real estate not just in urban areas, but in local cities as well.


In China, medical checkups are costly and the facilities and skills vary widely from city to city, so it is popular among the wealthy class to visit Japanese hospitals, which are equipped with cutting-edge equipment such as PET-CTs. Our company introduces top-class medical facilities and cooperating facilities mainly in the Kansai area to Chinese customers.


Muscle paint treatment using next-generation medical equipment such as high-frequency medical devices, judo therapists, lymphatic massages conducted by personnel qualified by the state, and beauty salons that utilize Japanese high-level beauty technology are all popular. Japan's nail technology is also leading in Asia.


  • We attend to the needs of real-estate tourists from Greater China (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan)
  • We offer information to wealthy Chinese regarding hospitals with PET-CT technology in Hyogo Prefecture.
  • We provide information on Kobe City’s top-class beauty salons for visitors from Taiwan and China.