CDC Cloud Co,Ltd.

Business Summary

ICT / EC Divizion

ICT / EC DivizionICT / EC Divizion

From normal trade in the normal economy to e-commerce, conveniently accelerates distribution. A solution provider with a rich track record not just in Japan, but overseas as well.

Welfare Division

Welfare DivisionWelfare Division

Providing a variety of measure to help both Japan and Asia deal with the declining birth rate and aging population. Building a foundation for a society in which everyone can be secure.

Restaurant Division

Restaurant DivisionRestaurant Division

Producer and manager of eating and drinking establishments, mostly around Kobe. A unique concept for creating unique experiences.

Inbound Design Division

Inbound Design DivisionInbound Design Division

Spreading Japan’s culture of hospitality through people’s hearts. Whether for medicine, real estate, esthetics, or more, our company provides charming tourism guidance.

Organization chart

Organization chart